Artificial Intelligence meets Web of Knowledge


This international workshop is affiliated with the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-2014, http://www.ecai2014.org) and will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, August 19, 2014.

Workshop description
The aim of this workshop is to bridge the gap between Knowledge Representation & Reasoning and Web of Knowledge research communities, and to address the problem of querying large scale multisource heterogeneous information. This problem is at the core of ASPIQ project (http://aspiq.lsis.org/aspiq/?q=en), funded by ANR (French National Research Agency). It is centered on three main aspects:

  • Processing multisource information
  • Processing heterogeneous information
  • Performing large scale reasoning

These issues are relevant to the Semantic Web. ASPIQ project studies formalisms allowing to represent ontological knowledge, with exceptions in taxonomies and uncertainty on concepts.
From a large amount of data distributed on the Web, expressed in different languages, the objective is to merge information via a common formalism, which provides a global point of view, and to query this common representation to obtain more "intelligent" answers, without loosing efficiency.

Accordingly, this workshop is dedicated to the discussion of these issues. It aims at encouraging collaboration of researchers from both communities. We are primarily interested in issues related to belief change, merging and querying knowledge bases expressed in tractable fragments of ontological languages. Moreover, for implementation issues, we are primarily interested in logic programming approaches such as Answer Set Programming or extensions of Datalog.

Contact: Odile Papini, odile.papini@univ-amu.fr

This workshop receives support from ANR (French National Research Agency), ASPIQ project reference ANR-12-BS02-0003. (http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/)